Turn your Data into Business

ML Analytics is a Data Science boutique specialized in generating business value from your company data, using state of the art Artificial Intelligence tools.

What is the value of prediction for your business?

How impactful would it be to have the right prediction, at the right time?- If I take this action, how would it affect the business?
- Given the prediction of high demand of product "A" in the near future, how much stock shall I buy now?
- These customers are at high risk to move to the competition, what is the best strategy to increase their satisfaction with us?
- My “virtual intelligence” recommends that I anticipate the inspection of this vehicle as it is likely it will break soon.
- Is this operation a fraud?
- What is the expected value of this new customer to my company?
These are a few of many use cases where Data Science could support you, especially in these uncertain times.Are you ready to prepare your future?

How do we do it?

We don’t just do Predictive Analytics. More than measuring, analysing and finding patterns on your data, we do Prescriptive Analytics: we create optimization algorithms that simulate scenarios to support your decisions in the real world.We not only bring the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence methods but also your business expertise into our models, so the end result is a highly customizable solution that will answer exactly to your needs.In order to do so, in our team we have complimentary high skilled researchers and business analytics elements that “talk” to each relevant area of your company, give them mentorship, and translate all the complex analysis into business words everyone can understand and utilize.

We're different

ML Analytics takes the approach of being a client’s partner and together they develop R&D (research and development) algorithms to answer to the exact customer’s needs.As our customers happily mention: they act like being part of our team instead of being "just" a provider.Given our experience on developing tailor-made AI models for space sector, all our projects are developed with greater attention to the business and data details to guarantee performance and robustness.

What we can do for you

Machine Learning Models

Custom Predictive Models

Development of Artificial Intelligence models that capture the regularity in your problem’s data. Are there no off-the-shelf algorithms suitable to model your problem? We'll develop custom ones!

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

Good predictions are insufficient unless accompanied by a prescription of how they should drive your decision-making. We can provide you with optimized intervention plans, driven by model predictions, to meet your business goals.

Model Diagnosis

Model Diagnosis

If you already have prediction models running in your company, we can diagnose their “health”, by combining performance monitoring, Explainable Artificial Intelligence and concept drift detection. Models are black-boxes only until you turn on the lights.

Model Validation & Testing

Model Verification & Validation

Do you want to confidently deploy a model? Will it be operating in a critical domain where you need performance guarantees, such as a space mission? Our Verification & Validation engine can automatically probe your model, identify its failure modes, and assist you in fixing them.

Our Clients

Agência Nacional de Inovação
Agência Nacional de Inovação

YOUR R&D Partner

We were recognized by SIFIDE (the Portuguese Tax Incentive System in R&D) and ANI (the Portuguese Innovation Agency) as a qualified Research and Development (R&D) entity, to design and deliver Artificial Intelligence Research and Development projects and services.This publicly recognises our continuous and rigorous scientific and technological curiosity, states our high-level competences to provide R&D services for third parties.Tax benefits: a client of our R&D services, if subject to Portuguese taxes, can apply for tax reductions.

About us

We are Portugal's first family-run Data Science company. We are a team of data scientists and business analytics experts who have worked for a variety of companies worldwide, ranging from retail, services companies, banking, and even the aerospace sector. Our founders are Marília Felismino Simões and her husband Luís Simões.

Luís F. Simões

Luís is an Artificial intelligence specialist with a long experience as an applied researcher in industry. For many years, he has collaborated with the European Space Agency in the R&D of AI solutions to space problems. His main areas of expertise are Machine Learning and global optimization.

Marília Felismino Simões

With more than 15 years' experience in Data Science, Marília has in the past worked at high level positions in Amsterdam, for TomTom and TNT/FedEx, where she supervised Data Science teams, and managed TomTom's vast worldwide ecommerce business of maps sales.

Our team is driven by the mission to transform data into business opportunities. Many companies are unaware of the enormous potential that lies hidden in their own data. ML Analytics positions itself as a strategic ally companies may rely upon to unleash this wealth.

Let's do it!

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Luís Simoes

“Portuguese researcher wins award with artificial intelligence tool to study exoplanets”

Our Co-founder, Luís F. Simões' won the "Gold medal" at "#Ariel Machine Learning Data Challenge"! He developed the best Artificial Intelligence algorithm for the European Space Agency - ESA's Ariel Mission, to be launched in 2029.
So many nights and weekends crafting these algorithms over the competition's three months. Luís managed to win against big teams from renowned international research institutes!
With this achievement we reached more than 50 media outlets worldwide and you can find them all in the link below.

observador - Data Science & Covid-19

Our CEO, Marília Simões, talks about the forecasting business in unforeseen times. In this chronicle, published in Observador, we can have a little more knowledge about the step that is possible to take in the market with predictive analytics
Click below to read the full article.

Marilia Simoes

Privacy Policy

ML Analytics keeps high standards of accuracy and transparency when processing your Personal Data. You can contact us for any further clarification and information at any time. We would like to continue to keep in touch with you and share information about us.

Learn about our Privacy Policy

The purpose of this communication is to inform you of the rules applied to the treatment of your Personal Data and the rights you hold as the owner of that data. The information provided here applies exclusively to the Personal Data gathering and processing made by ML Analytics.
We are committed to keep your Personal Data protected and in confidentiality, and we have applied the technical and organizational procedures necessary to comply with the regulation, ensuring that the processing of your data is lawful, fair, transparent and limited to the authorized purposes.

What data is collected?

Usually the Personal Data that ML Analytics collects and treats are name and professional email. Other data such as mobile number, function, company name mobile phone and CV (in case of a recruitment process) can also be requested.

Channels where we collect Personal Data

Personal Data is collected when you register on our website to request to be contacted, to have access to various useful resources, to request information about our services or to validate your registration for events.
This registration is done by completing forms with mandatory and/or optional fields. They may also be collected directly from the Data Owner, via email, mobile, visit cards and contract between both parties and indirectly through partners or third parties.

What is the use and purpose of the data collected

Personal Data collected is processed in a digital way and in strict compliance with the rules and grounds of the General Data Protection Regulation. It is stored in specific Databases created for this purpose and in no case will the data collected be used for another purpose other than that for which the Data Owner has consented.
Personal Data will be collected and used for communication and marketing purposes, including information about our services, commercial campaigns, communicating new solutions, invitations to events and sharing other relevant regular information to the Data Owner.
The Personal Data collected may be used for market prospecting actions. These actions of Communication and Marketing and market prospecting may be carried out via email, mobile phone, mail or social networks.

How long the data is kept

For the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, Personal Data will be kept and maintained for a maximum period of 5 years, starting from the last consent. Once the maximum period of conservation is reached, Personal Data will be irreversibly anonymised (anonymised data may be stored) or destroyed in a secure way.

ML Analytics Commitment

ML Analytics is committed to guarantee and ensure the protection of Personal Data made available to it through technical and organizational procedures in order to prevent a possible intrusion, diffusion, treatment change and unauthorized access, as well as against any illicit treatment. It also ensures that only data that is necessary for each specific purpose of treatment is processed by default and that such data is not available or made available to third parties unlawfully.

What are the rights of Personal Data Owners

Right to Transparency: ML Analytics shall provide the Data Owner, free of charge, the information regarding his/her data treatment in a concise, transparent, intelligible, and easily accessible way, using clear and simple language. ML Analytics will provide information on the procedures taken (without unjustified delay) and within one month from the date of reception of the request. If the Data Owner submits the request by electronic means, the information is, whenever possible, provided by electronic means, unless its requested by the holder to be done in a different way.Right of Access: The Data Owner has the right to access his Personal Data and obtain information about the purposes, categories, recipients or categories of recipients to whom his Personal Data has been or will be disclosed, the expected period of preservation of data and its origin. The Data Owner has the right to request deletion or limitation on the processing of Personal Data, or the right to object to such processing. The Data Owner also has the right to complain to a supervisory authority.Right of Correction: The Data Owner has the right to obtain from ML Analytics the correction of inaccurate Personal Data concerning him/her. Considering the purposes of the treatment, the Data Owner is entitled to have his or her Incomplete Personal Data completed, including trough an additional declaration.Right of Deletion or Oblivion: The Data Owner has the right to request from ML Analytics the erasure of his Personal Data, and ML Analytics has the obligation to erase the Owner’s Personal Data, without unjustified delay, in case of:– Personal Data being no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected or processed.– The Data Owner withdraws consent on which the data treatment is based and if there is no other legal grounds for such processing;– The Data Owner opposes the processing of Personal Data and there are no prevailing legitimate interests justifying the treatment.– The Personal Data was treated unlawfully;– Personal Data must be deleted to comply with a legal obligation arising from the European Union’s law to which ML Analytics is subject to.Right of Treatment Limitation: The Data Owner has the right to obtain from ML Analytics treatment limitation if it challenges the accuracy of the owner’s Personal Data.Right to be notified: ML Analytics communicates to each recipient, to whom the Personal Data has been transmitted, any rectification or erasure of the Personal Data or limitation of the treatment.Right to Data Portability: The Data Owner will have the right to receive the Personal Data that concerns him/her in a structured, updated, and automatic reading format that he/her has provided to ML Analytics, as well as the right to transmit this data to another controller without any objection.Right to Oppose: The Data Owner has the right to oppose, at any time, for reasons related to his situation, to processing Personal Data concerning him/her.
ML Analytics ceases the treatment of Personal Data unless it submits compelling and legitimate reasons for such processing that prevail over the Data Owner’s interests, rights and freedoms, or for the purpose of declaring, exercising, or defending a right in a judicial proceeding.
Automated Individual Decisions, including Profiles definition: The Data Owner has the right not to be subject to any decision taken solely based on automated processing, including profiling, that has effects in its legal area or significantly affects it in a similar way.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

ML Analytics reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Any modifications on the Privacy Policy, will be included and updated on the Company’s website, and the Data Owner will have direct access to that information.
ML Analytics has taken all the measures considered appropriate to ensure the accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of your Personal Data, as well as all other rights you may have.

Update your data

At any moment you can update your data or can cancel the consent given by sending an email to [email protected]